Monday, 2 February 2009

Updates on A Grateful Dead PowerShell Script

I really love mixing two of my favourite things: the good old Grateful Deal and PowerShell. I’ve posted a couple of scripts that examine my live show archive. Yesterday, I was able to spend some time updating my Count-GDSHows script. In Count-GDShows2.ps1, I added a couple of features. First I worked out how many shows are recording using the SHN format and how many in FLAC (plus how many are not noted in the folder name). Second, I timed the script, although the timing varies widely thanks to disk caching!

My GD (and my Jerry Garcia) archive is stored on a couple of external USB disks. I have separated Jerry shows from GD shows and have both stored on disks plugged into separate machines. I use the folder name of each show to define the date, type (aud vs sbd) and encoding format. So a show in “gd69-04-22.sbd.clugston.68.sbeok.shnf” is a soundboard encoded in the Shorten format, for a show on April 22 1969. Were you even alive then?

I wonder how many of this blog’s readers collect Grateful Dead shows? I have a standing offer that I’ll repeat: If you want the shows in my collection, send me a big disk and I’ll xcopy!

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