Tuesday, 10 March 2009

PSHScript Blot Scripts - Conversion to V2 CTP 3 Complete!

Back in December, I blogged that I was putting all the scripts I post here into a library you could download. At that point, there were 65 scripts, today the count is 112. In January this year, I also blogged that I was moving over to change the way I posted scripts – I planned to start using the auto-help format for all the new scripts, making them self-documenting (it also made posting scripts faster). All new scripts were posted using that format, and tested under CTP3, but the work of converting older scripts would have to be a work in progress.

Well today, I’ve finally finished upgrading all the scripts to auto-help format. The script library, which you can download from http://www.reskit.net/powershell/ScriptLib.ZIP contains the scripts posted to http://pshscripts.blogspot.com but now fully converted to use the new format – and tested fully on PowerShell V3. At some point, I’ll get around to updating the older blog posts, but as that is a lot of work, it’ll take some time. But all new scripts are posted using this new format – so I’ve just got to update 65 or so blog posts!

I don’t know how valuable these scripts are, but I get just over 50 visitors a day, and just under 100 page hits/day so someone is finding them useful! The other thing I note from looking at the stats, most of the hits come from Google – where people are looking for a script do something specific, which to some degree supports the decision to publish the blog the way I do!

One other interesting thing – those nice folks over at www.powershell.com have asked for (and given!) permission to grab the whole library and post it to WWW.PowerShell.com.

Sadly, I’ve injured my shoulder badly and am finding most typing very painful – which has cut down dramatically on my posting level. Hopefully, I’ll recover and start to publish more!

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