Monday, 6 July 2009

Happy 1st Birthday To HTTP://PshScripts.Blogspot.Com!!!

I’ve been posting scripts here for just over a year – the first script was posted on July 5th 2008. There have been 127 posts, and the downloadable script library now has 141 scripts.

Here are some monthly stats for the past year:



The readership of the blog was not great till I started posting in ernest in November. Since then, there’s been a slow rise each month as more folks find the blog. When I first started this blog, the idea was to post just scripts – on the assumption that folks would find them using Google, et al. And that’s pretty much what has happened. Looking at the last 20 blog hits as an example: 3 of the 20 were direct access, with 17 coming from a referral. Of the 17 referrals, 12 came from Google (,,,,, 2 from Bing and one each from Hal Rotenbergs blog, Technet and It’s also clear that the readership is pretty international:


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I hope this blog and the scripts posted here have been of use. Please feel free to comment on other scripts you’d like to see here!

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