Friday, 4 July 2008


This scrips shuts down a system, using the WMI Class
The script gets the system details from Win32_OpertingSystem
then calls shutdown to shut system down.
For safety sake, the shutdown is commented out.
File Name : Shutdown-System.ps1
Author : Thomas Lee -
Requires : PowerShell V2 CTP3
PSH [C:\foo]: .\Shutdown-System.ps1
WMI Win32_OS object:

SystemDirectory : C:\Windows\system32
Organization : PS Partnership
BuildNumber : 6001
RegisteredUser : Thomas Lee
SerialNumber : 55041-222-1238786-76622
Version : 6.0.6001

Script does NOT shut system down!

# Start of Script

# Get the WMI object
$System = Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem

# Display it
"WMI Win32_OS object:"

# Shutdown
# N.B. the next line is deliberately commented out. Be careful!
# running this a Server 2008 LUA results in an exception

"Script does NOT shut system down!"
# End of script

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