Thursday, 17 July 2008


    This script zips a particular file into an existing archive (zip file).
    For this script, c:\foo\ must exist
    The script zips c:\test2.txt into c:\foo\
    File Name  : Zip-File.ps1
    Author     : Thomas Lee -
    Requires   : PowerShell V2 CTP3

# Start of Script

# Get shell object and check to see that file exists
$sh = new-object -com shell.application
$fl = get-childitem c:\foo\ -Ea 0
if (!$fl)
   'File does not exist - stopping'

# Get Zip File to zip into
$targetzip = $sh.namespace("C:\Foo\")   # where the item is to go

# Copy a file into this zip

# Check it now exists
ls c:\foo\
# End of Script


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Som said...

Don't use copyhere method anywhere in your code. It produces GUI Message-box and you will never know why your script failed.
So script might lead to an inconsistent state.