Tuesday, 15 July 2008


    This script unzips a particular file from an archive (zip file)
    into a folder.
    For this script, c:\foo\zip1.zip must exist and contain test.txt
    The script unzips test.txt into c:\foo and tests it's creation. 
    NB: if c:\foo\test.txt alreadyexists, you'll be told and 
    asked (by Windows) to confirm your actions
    File Name  : unzip-file.ps1
    Author     : Thomas Lee - tfl@psp.co.uk
    requires   : PowerShell V2
    PS C:\foo> .\unzip-file.ps1
    Before Copy:
    Target (C:\foo\test.txt)) does not exist
    After copy:
    Target (C:\foo\test.txt) now exists

# Start of Script
$sh = new-object -com shell.application

# Zip File to unzip from:
$zipfolder    = $sh.namespace("C:\foo\zip1.zip")  # where the .zip is
$item         = $zipfolder.parsename("Test.txt")  # the item in the zip
$targetfolder = $sh.namespace("c:\foo")           # where the item is to go

# first does file exist?
cd c:\foo
$f = ls test.txt -erroraction silentlycontinue
"Before Copy:"
if ($f)  {"Target ($($f.versioninfo.filename)) exists and you will be promoted for an action"} 
if (!$f) {"Target (C:\foo\test.txt)) does not exist"} 

# do the copy of zipfile item to target folder

# check that it exists
"After copy:"
cd c:\foo
$f = ls test.txt -erroraction silentlycontinue
if ($f) {"Target ($($f.versioninfo.filename)) now exists"}
# End of Script

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